Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creative Blogger

I'm such a bad blogger. I can't believe it's been so long. Whaaa. If someone could "can" time and sell it, they'd be a millionaire. LOL.

About two weeks ago, Bethany, a wonderfully engaging blogger, sent me a creative blogger award. I promised I'd post it and here I am two weeks later. Ugh. Thanks bunches Bethany!. So, with this gift, I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you might not know.

1. I used to teach Geometry before I taught art. Yep, I tested right down the middle for left/right brain thinking. I hold a BFA with a major in art and minor in math.

2. I hate to grocery shop. I think I'd rather go to the dentist. No one knows shopping etiquette so I get frustrated when folks park their baskets in the middle of the aisle. Oh well.

3. I sang two solos at Girl Scout Camp when I was sixteen. At the time I could hit a high C. Those days are long gone.

4. I worked as a dental assistant for two years before going back to school. I thought about being a dentist until Chemistry ate my lunch.

5. I used to collect demitasse spoons and even made one while I was in jewelry class so I could add it to the collection as well.

6. When I was in high school, I sewed all of my clothes and my brother's shirts.

7. I hate mustard greens and turnips.

Now I need to pass this on to seven others who blog. So ....


Unknown said...

As much as I love you for honoring me with this award, I fear I need to pass. I've already divulged every known thing about me, plus I'm taking care of a DIL that has had two knee surgeries at once, a husband who had eye surgery, and I'm trying to get over bronchitis. I appreciate the honor, and I'll leave it to the others to carry on the fine tradition.


Bethany said...


I missed this when you first posted it. Thanks for the compliments! And it was fun hearing those 7 things about you. Hope to see you at the Christmas party!