Sunday, July 25, 2010

All those that have touched my life

This entry will actually start a series on the wide circle of family I've gathered along the way to publication. There are sooooo many folks who have touched me in some way or another. So, where to begin?

I think my publishing story really begins Spring of 2003 when my dear hubby made mention to one of the paralegals in his office that his wife liked to write. At the time, I dabbled. I had started some five or six first chapters but never took it further. (I don't count the one novel I wrote when I was 20) It seems, she too, dabbled but a bit more seriously. She and I exchanged first chapters and after that, she invited me to join a newly formed critique group. I jumped at the chance.

Her name was Kim and today she writes under the name of Kim Lenox. You might have read some of her Shadow Guard books. If not, you're missing out big time. So Kim - thank you for giving me my start in the world of romance. Her knowledge and drive helped many in our small group. The critique group at one time hosted ten members and eventually, I'll add them to my thank-you list.

Do you have anyone who helped get you started writing?


Unknown said...

Ciara! What a fabulous idea. I love hearing how everyone got their start in writing. There's such a bond among us writers. I'm still so amazed at how eager we are to help one another. Good critique groups are like that. I'm working now with a lady from our chapter, didn't know her at all until we started to critique together, and we've become close friends this past year. We miss you down here. Hope you can join us for a NWHRWA chapter meeting one of these days. Thanks for sharing your story!

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks Jaye. I know what you mean. I got so lucky with my first critique group. They were wonderful. And Kim and I came to our first NWRWA meeting together - actually it was the fall conference I think. Later we went to our first meeting and when we got there, the meeting place had been moved to Judythe's home. The first speaker I heard was Colleen so yes, I've been touched my many and will share those stories as time permits. Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

I am so very honored to be the first in your posts about your writing family and "thank you list". Since the beginning, I've thought writers were some of the most generous people I could hope to meet, and you and I were so fortunate to find each other. Families are great, but other writers understand the blood, sweat and tears we put into our books.

It has been such an awesome experience to share the dream of writing and publication with you.



Ciara Gold said...

Ah shucks Kim, I'm the honored one. Without you, I'd still be drafting first chapters with no full book in sight and forget about published. You and the rest of the gals at Romancing History gave me the courage to plow forward and look what we've sowed.

Angelica Hart and Zi said...

What a fabulous idea, and what a nice story. Angelica's first writing experience was with crayons and construction paper. It has always been a part of her world. Zi's began with journaling as a young man and the sudden need to embellish early adventures.

Ciara Gold said...

I can so picture the crayons. I think my first writing experience was in fourth grade when we were assigned to write a story. Mine was gruesome and the teacher probably thought I needed psychological help. It's a wonder she didn't talk to my mom about it.