Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inserting an image into yahoo

I love that you can do a search on most any subject and get an answer to a puzzling question. Such was my quest this morning as I attempted to insert an image into the body of my yahoo e-mail. The instructions I came across were very good and should have been simple to follow except they left off vital information. So here's what I did to make it work. First I had to find an image I'd uploaded to a website and then I could either drag and drop or copy and past. No worries. Right? Wrong.

This only works if the image isn't linked. Most all of my images are linked to other sites so when I dragged and dropped, the link showed up and not the cover. Ack. So once I spent time trying to figure out my problem, I finally found an image I'd uploaded of my cover that I hadn't linked. Drag and drop wouldn't work for me but copy and paste worked like a charm and voila - I had an image and it even sent. But it was huge so for future e-mailings, I'm posting my image here again just for the purpose of inserting it into e-mail.

Gotta love technology - especially when it works.

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