Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogging today at Texas Druids

I found a group of lovely ladies on a Kindle forum and one of them suggested a special blog series to revamp interest in historical western romance. Today's my day so come join me at the Texas Druid's blog.

In fact, scroll back and look at some of the other great blogs on the subject. My topic was researching to add that rare piece of artifact that makes the reading more interesting. With that in mind, I'm going to post a bit more here on my Oklahoma trip -- oh, and if anyone follows the link from Texas Druids to here, be sure to read the previous two posts.

When I saw this interesting item, I thought at first is was a washing machine, but not, it's an ice box. Ice was stored on top and food in the bottom. Ice blocks were imported from up north via ships and packed in salt and saw dust to keep from melting. Folks would go to ice houses to get their smaller blocks of ice and would use an ice chipper to break off small bits for use in drinks.

After our time at Kingfisher, we traveled on to Fort Reno. There wasn't much there except good information.  All that remains of the fort is one main building, but it was still interesting.

Our true find would be the next day when we found Fort Gibson.  But that one will require several blog entries as I took a million pictures. (Not really, but I did take a lot of photos)


Linda LaRoque said...

Interesting old icebox, Ciara. They sure couldn't store a lot, could they?

Ciara Gold said...

Too true, Linda and I guess they had to make daily trips to the ice house.