Monday, April 9, 2012

Onward to Alabama

I'm happy to report that my characters have left Indianola and are now in Citronelle, Alabama. I'm at 63,000 words and I'm hoping to tie up all lose ends by 80,000. Of course, now I have more research ahead of me and I'm discovering there's not as much info as I would like but I've managed to get a pretty good vision in mind for how the town was laid out. I went to every site on the web I could find.

While the majority of my story takes place in Indianola, the hero is from Beaver Meadows (also known as Beaver Mills) , now a ghost town in Alabama, but at one time Beaver Meadows was a thriving community. They supplied confederate uniforms from there. Wow, lots of history.

Of course, I'm also learning that at the time of my story, there was a lot of political upheavel in the state. The election in November of that month (about the time of my story) was rather brutal. Various factions prevented republicans from voting so the democrats would win. Not sure how I plan to weave that into the story, but ... it is a fact that I can't ignore.

I do hope to add the Surrender Oak to the story somehow. It no longer exists, having been distroyed in a 1902 hurricane, but it's a very important part of history. Speaking of trees, check out the bend on these trees. We found these in Fulton, TX along the coast and I can only assume it's due to the constant wind.


Savannah Chase said...

Your story sounds interesting...Great to see how much progress you've made. Good luck with getting it done.

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks Savannah. Just wish I wrote faster. LOL