Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spike in Ranking!

So Tuesday, I was checking the ranking on books and I noticed a significant spike from the previous day. The book in question is The Keeper of Moon Haven and the site I was checking was Amazon.

Why? Not sure except that my publisher is attending the Calgary Expo where she's got a booth to sell books. Anyway, the ranking for this book was 570,000ish (can't remember the exact number) but let's say, it was just sleeping there on Tuesday, but Tuesday night when I checked (Yeah, I was procrastinating on writing), the ranking had risen to 76,000ish. Today, it had dropped some but still, I'm quite thrilled.

Of course, these numbers are rather intimidating to figure out so I did a search and found information on another blog site that's fairly easy to understand.

Anyway, thought I'd do a little plugging for this book in hopes that the ranking would improve even more. I realize it's an older book but I would love to get it back into the 1 - 10,000 rank if possible.

Here's the Blurb:
On the southern fringes of the Mendip Hills sits the Castle Hamingjur, an abandoned structure most fear haunted. Yet, on the rare occasions when the Hunter’s Blue Moon occurs, the Keeper occupies this mysterious castle where he guards the bridge to Alfheim Haven.

Noreen Willshire discovers more than fairytales hidden between the pages of Beletania’s diary. She opens the ancient book and finds a pathway to a Faery Realm where all manner of mythical creatures reside. In her naïveté, she summons the Keeper before his scheduled time in the human realm. In that brief moment, the mysterious wizard touches her soul with more than magick. She promises to return the diary during Mefylleth, a time when the barriers between the two realms melt away, but danger stalks her path. Torn between her desire to make a new life for herself in America and her growing love for the Keeper, she must bridge the gap between magick and time to follow her heart.
Available for Kindle 

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