Friday, July 20, 2012

Ciara Gold got hacked

I'm usually so good about stuff but here's how my e-mail got hacked. I needed to change tribes and I've been waiting for invites from two tribes so indeed I was expecting two e-mails. I got an e-mail from Yahoo that said they were holding two e-mails because  they were making changes to their database and if I wanted them, to click here and they'd eventually be delivered. I did. And nothing happened so I immediately changed my password.

Well, I finally convinced myself that e-mail might be legit and I really wanted those invites to the new tribes, so I did it again and clicked here. About 6 hours later, I got one of those e-mails. Yay for that but, this morning, I woke up to a message from two friends that said my account had been hacked.

I changed passwords yet again but in doing so I lost lots of stuff. I lost all my contacts for that account and I lost all those wonderful e-mails I'd saved from fans. So sad.

I feel violated. I can't imagine how folks feel when thieves break into their homes or steal their cars. Why do folks have to be like that.

Anyway, my advice is that if Yahoo ever asks you to log in again for any reason, do so if you think it's legit, but immediately change your password afterwards. And keep a backup for your contacts and anything else that's important.

I'm just glad I didn't have that account tied to anything else like facebook, twitter, goodreads, etc. What a mess that would have been.


Meg said...

Happens to the best of us, Ciara! No worries. Good thing you weren't linked up to your BANK!

Ciara Gold said...

Too true. Thanks Meg. I'm still dealing with stuff. Discovered I can recover my contacts and e-mail messages but until that happens I have no idea what personal info might have been on there. Grrr.

Caroline Clemmons said...

I used to use the same password for everything, but then Rebecca G. was hacked and it took her over six months to recover. The hackers changed her password to her blog! Now I have a separate password for each site, with a list tucked away. Honestly, why would someone who is that good with computers misuse their skill like that? Glad your damage was minimal.

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Ciara Gold said...

Thanks. I don't know why blogger tagged you as spam but I just now found your comment.

I appreciate you sharing.