Monday, December 31, 2012

Julia's Golden Eagle now available

The second book in my Historical Western series is now available on Amazon. Whoop! This one was first released in 2007.  I cleaned it up some more, took out a few redundancies and painted a new cover. I still have two more to get ready so be patient. It might be spring break before Eliza's Copper Penny (my personal fave of the four) and Kaitlin's Silver Lining make their reappearance.

Here's a blurb for Julia's Golden Eagle:

When the only daughter of a Brownwood’s local cattle baron allows a stranger to take the blame for a murder she thinks she committed, she orchestrates a jail break.

Jake Nolan knows only one thing; he’s innocent of murder charges and Julia Stanton is the only person who knows who’s really guilty. While Jake holds her captive to discover the truth, Julia’s seductive charms imprison his heart.

You can find this story on Amazon.

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