Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Of the Storm - Written Fireside Part V

Designed a "cover" for OF THE STORM. Fireside writers, feel free to use this for your part of the story or anywhere you'd like to promo the hop. If you do post it with your part of the story, could I please ask you to give me credit for the design? A small note at the bottom of the post, with a link to my FB page would be really helpful. Thanks!I have never done anything quite like this but it was a lot of fun. The challenge was not really knowing where this story would end. But the suspense has slowly built and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I thank all of the authors for the opportunity to participate. If you're just now finding this story, you will want to begin with parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 before reading my contribution. Links can be found here:

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Part IV - Of the Storm by Paty Jager

“You drive. I think it best we not use my transporting powers in approaching Blaike,” Bri said, his tone more serious than before.
“Oh yeah, right, Blaike would sniff out your magic in a heartbeat, powerful stench that it is.”
“Funny.” He tilted his head and a lock of silver spun hair slipped across his forehead before he opened the door and ushered her outside into the stormy elements.
Before she could retreat back into the house for a raincoat and umbrella, Bri swept his hand over her head, offering an invisible barrier against the pelting rain. Once again she was reminded of the differences between them and cursed the sudden attraction that kept her from giving her full attention to saving Makani and the torc.
They rushed toward her ten-year-old red Acura and slipped inside without so much as a drop soiling their clothing. A glance at Bri had her heart pounding with undeniable awareness. She shook her head in disgust and started the engine. Focus, Amaya. Get your lustful thoughts under control.
Tasaria’s messenger rode silent beside her as they sped along the winding road toward the portal. What would the Demon King do to her sister when he discovered the torc inoperable without the chant? What would he do when he found out Makani possessed no knowledge in making the torc work?
“We’ve got to hurry.” The words she muttered caused Bri to turn his head.
“Why? The Samhain Torc is useless in his hands without you.” He wrapped his long fingers over hers. “Please tell me you’re the only one who knows the chant?”
She reacted without thinking and tore her hand from under his, jerking the steering wheel. The car swerved to the right and hit a patch of oily wet pavement. To combat the sensation of hydroplaning, Amaya over corrected and her car plowed forward into oncoming traffic.
Bri swore aloud and lifted his hand. The vehicle slid effortlessly into the right lane. “Damn it, Amaya. We have to get there in one piece. Without you, we have no hope of retrieving the torc.”
“Without me,” she whispered, “my sister has no hope of surviving Blaike’s anger.”
Traffic thinned until they were the only ones on the road. The storm’s fury had settled into an annoying drizzle. The shimmering reflection of her lights along the solitary path played havoc with her imagination. Hazy shapes took form on either side. Tasaria’s armies or Blaike’s? Bri’s use of magic hadn’t done them any favors.  
“Blaike knows we’re coming.” She gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles paled. The protective amulet warmed against her skin. “Why now? Why did the queen send you for the torc now?”
Ready for more? The talented Tracie Douglass continues this fabulous tale on her blog on October 7. Things really heat up with many twists and turns that has Amaya believing all is lost. So check out Tracie Douglass' blog for Part VI of Of the Storm.


Paty Jager said...

Way to keep the story rolling! Action-packed and tense. Great job!

Elise Forier Edie said...

Way to keep the momentum going. I love this! Great work

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks Paty and Elise. This was such fun.

Lori Connelly said...

Great job Ciara ^_^ I love that you ended your part with a question that needs to be answered.

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks Lori, and thanks for thinking of such a fun writing exercise. I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to manage with my schedule but it was just too fun to pass up.