Sunday, November 15, 2015

#Sunday Snippet from The Keeper of Moon Haven by #ciaragold

Today's snippet is from The Keeper of Moon Haven, the first book in the Blue Moon Series.


It was all about the gold. With the book, she had a veritable fortune at her fingertips. No wonder Lord Somerton had taken exception to the book’s disappearance. He must have summoned Surt on several occasions, knowing the gnome would be honor bound to gift anyone who asked with a portion of gold.

She grabbed the book from the floor and pulled it back into her lap. “But I won’t.”

Her morals wouldn’t allow her to take the money, and even though the grumpy gnome might be willing to give her the precious metal, she knew in her heart, it amounted to nothing more than stealing. As desperate as she was to travel to America and join her sister, using the book wasn’t the way. She couldn’t steal Surt’s gold.
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