Monday, January 4, 2016

Update for the new year and my many hats

It amazes me how fast time flies. It's been two weeks since I last posted but it feels like it was only yesterday. There's a good reason why I haven't posted in two weeks. I've been busy.

I wear many hats. These past few weeks, I've been wearing a bandana on my head to protect my hair from paint and spackle dust. Yep, I've been playing carpenter. Hubby and I have been finishing out the insides of another cabin. I'm getting rather good at taping and floating. Spent a good portion of time sanding knotted pine boards and varnishing them. Today, I finished enough of the drywall to paint. We're hoping that by next weekend we can move in. It might happen. We bought property in the country and since June, we've been living in a travel trailer ( a very small travel trailer). We finished out one 12 x 24 cabin for an office/kitchen with small bathroom and now we're finishing out another for our bedroom/closet/bath. After that, we're hoping to have a small house built and then the cabins will be guest spots and my art studio. Can't wait.

So, tomorrow, I change my hat to that of teacher. It's my first day back after the holidays and the students and I are heading into contest season. That said, it might be a long time again before I post but .... I do want to post pictures on the new cabin once it's complete, so maybe I can squeeze in a little time.

And of course, there's the writer's hat, the artist's hat and the mom hat. With writing, I try hard to write a little each night even if it's only one sentence. The artist gets to play at school so that makes me happy. I'll have to share new art with all of you soon as well. I just bought a ton of pastel supplies so I'm very excited about getting into pastels again.

The mom hat never comes off. Son is back home for a bit before he goes back to a new job but he's been a lot of help with the construction project so I can't complain. I love having my kids home. Family is what makes life worth living. So for this new year, I plan to wear my hats proudly and make the most of my time.

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