Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Website and Blog

In an effort to minimize time spent updating things, I've decided to change my website some. I had this bright idea that I'd revamp only I didn't know in doing so how much time it would take. Whaaaa. I had to learn a new program. I ended up with a newer version of Dreamweaver and it was so unlike my old version, I got lost. Everything I read said, build it first in Fireworks. Okay. I can do that.

Oh yeah, right. I've always said, I know just enough to get myself into trouble. I had the most trying time getting fireworks into Dreamweaver and then for it to look the way I intended. Okay, so on my browser, Safari, it finally looks right - somewhat. I have no idea how it will look in other browsers. I'm not website savvy enough to do all the tweaking necessary. It's trial and error for me.

Part of my plan includes this blog. Instead of updating my website with news, I plan to put all my newsworthy info here. I want to keep the website cleaner, less cluttered and easier for readers to browse through.

So bear with me while I complete this process. There will be a few pages missing until I get it all done.


Unknown said...

When you perfect building your site, will you build me one? *lol* I'm tired of having to pay for every little addition, subtraction, etc, and my web person never acknowledges my emails even when I sent a "read receipt". Just kidding...I know you're a busy lady.


Nan D Arnold said...

New Website looks swell
All best
Nan Arnold (another Champagne Book author)