Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More on Stockholm

One of the things we did while in Stockholm was take a one hour water tour that took us from island to island. The water is very blue.  I also noted a lot of antique sailing ships along the way. As my husband is an avid sailor in the middle of restoring his boat, I took a lot of pictures of sailboats.

Prior to this excursion, we spent time in the bus letting our tour guide tell us all about the sights. We actually had two guides, our regular guide and a city guide. By law, we have to have a city guide tell us about particular places. Anyway, as we were driving about, we noticed these large trucks loaded with teens driving about. The teens were having quite the party. Our guide told us they book the trucks a year and advance and then drive around the city in celebration of graduation from school. What a fun tradition.

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