Thursday, June 24, 2010

Onward to Hamer, Norway

We left Stockholm bright and early. I truly wanted to be alert to see the countryside as we drove, but alas, the bus lulled me into sleep. I did open my eyes on occasion but most of our journey to the Norwegian border is a blur. The first picture shows my mom with one foot in Sweden and the other in Norway.

We stopped in Karlstad en route and enjoyed a nice lunch before heading to Hamer. Most of the scenes I've scenes of the Norwegian countryside were taken from a moving bus through a window so while not the best, I was impressed by how well my camera did.

We spent the night at the First Victorian in Hamer which was okay but instead of a traditional Norwegian meal, they served us Chinese pepper steak. Good, but not what I would have expected.
The next day, we headed out early again. Our first stop was the sight of the 1994 Olympics. The ski jump was very impressive and I actually caught a skier in action. Check out the red dot at the top.


Bethany said...

Sounds like you're having a quite a trip! Enjoy yourself and be safe. :-)

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks Bethany. I'm actually home now and posting after the fact which is not the way to do things since my memory doesn't do all we did justice.