Thursday, September 16, 2010


I attended my first DAR meeting and had a lot of fun. It was actually a banquet so we ate good.  This was something my mom encouraged me to join since she's a member.  One of my Swann relatives is responsible for my being eligible so that's all good and I met some great folks.

We also had a very good speaker talk to us about the cultural climate that existed when the constitution for drafted. He was most knowledgeable and very interesting. As much as I love writing historical fiction, I realized just how must I didn't know about American history. Oh yeah, I know the basics, but I'm talking about the nitty gritty, the fine details of how we got where we are today. With that said, I'm thinking that joining the DAR will be good for me as I will have many opportunities to learn more about our great nation.


Linda Kage said...

I learned this year that my husband's grandma was a Daughter of the Revolution (that's what DAR you're talking about, right?!). Does that mean my daughter could be a DAR member too? I've always wondered.

Ciara Gold said...

Yes, it does. But, she'll have to fill out paperwork, etc. I had to provide my birth certificate and a copy of my marriage license and I think my mother provided all the documentation proving our link to a relative that fought in the American Revolution. After my application was accepted, my membership had to be approved by the existing members.