Monday, August 23, 2010

So now I done "undid" it

I always get so excited when I write the end. It feels so good to reach the goal.  But, I tend to mull over the ending, disecting it bit by bit until I talk myself out of it. I've done that with four of my eight published books.

And now I'm doing it again. It's not that I didn't like what I'd written, but it just lacked umph, verve. Dunno, something. So I reread to the point where I think I lost momentum and deleted from there. Which of course means I now have about 1500 words left to write again. No worries. I still feel good about all I accomplished this summer and I'm feeling better about the new direction I'm taking the ending in. Gotta love the drama.


Bethany said...

Gotta love those revisions LOL I'm nearing the end of another round of edits. I'm hoping to be done polishing this manuscript by the time of the Conference--we'll see what happens...but yeah, I know what you mean about the ending. You want it to end just right--to leave the reader with just the feeling you intended.

Ciara Gold said...

Exactly! Do you have a slot scheduled to pitch your ms? If so, here's wishing all the best and a request for the full!

Bethany said...


No, I wasn't sure if it would be ready (still not sure if it will be) so I didn't want to take the time away from someone else.

Ciara Gold said...

Well, next time view it differently. Think of it as practice for when you are more ready because I remember my first two times. I was so nervous, I shook. But making myself do them, helped in the long run. So - hopefully you'll sign up for one next time, ready or not. LOL.