Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mappin' it out

So one of the things I learned when I made my trip to the Calhoun County Museum is that the town was laid out much differently than I assumed. Unfortunately that meant some major tweaking where my story was concerned.

This was a recreation scale model of the town and since it was in a class container, the pic isn't all that clear but it will give you some idea of the docks. The longest dock actually has railroad tracks on it as the train would pull up right next to the ships so they could load and unload freight.

The town moved from higher ground to this area next to Powderhorn Bayou which unfortunately aided in their demise. The elevation was much lower and a prime target for the flooding the hurricane would bring.


Savannah Chase said...

Oh that looks really cool..Maybe try to look online for better maps that can assist you..

Ciara Gold said...

I actually bought the map from the museum. Unfortunately this one isn't online, but if I want, I can go to the library at UT. I think they have an extensive map collection. So does TAMU but not sure they have this one. Thanks, Savannah.

Linda LaRoque said...

I love these old maps and recreations of towns. What are you writing?

Ciara Gold said...

Hey Linda, working on a historical western with the hurricane of 1875 as the backdrop. Fascinating stuff.