Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Researching Indianola

Got back from my vacation ready to plow into my wip and finish that baby. Hubby and I tootled down to the coast and spent three nights enjoying the scenery and good food. Of course, we had to share with the ton of college kids on spring break but we only had one bad night of no sleep where the party next door got rather loud and obnoxious. And dang - they didn't invite the old folks. What's up with that?

Our first day took us to Port A. The weather was rainy but we didn't mind. We were there to just relax and hang out.

The following day, we headed to Fulton and had the best seafood. I'm still stuffed just thinking about it. We went to the Rockport museum and refreshed our memories on La Salle's Belle. I'd gone about 15 years ago with a group of students to see the excavation. Very interesting as they'd created a void in the ocean around the Belle's reckage so they could excavate. We took a boat and could see down into the cofferdam they'd built. After this field trip, we took another to TAMU and saw how they were preserving the various items rescued from the find. We also went to the Fulton Mansion, a very impressive Victorian structure.

The next day we spent at Port Lavaca where we saw the Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse. It survived the hurricane of 1875 at Indianola so this fascinated me. We had to wait until the following day to visit the Calhoun County Museum where I could really find the information I was seeking.

So - with that, I'm going to post the rest tomorrow. Off to enjoy a date with my mother.

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