Sunday, September 16, 2012

SAT words?

Lately, I've been doing more reading than writing; mainly because September is so busy I don't have concentration time. I love to write but it still requires a clear head and space to be able to reason out the scenes.

As a reader, there are a lot of words I just plain take for granted. I assume everyone else knows them also, but I was teaching the other day and I evidently used words my students had never encountered. They accused me of prepping them for the SAT so now, when I throw out a word they don't know we use it as a teaching moment and call them our SAT words.  But seriously, I'm very surprised in some of the words they don't know. Here are just a few.

Conscientious (they even accused me of making this one up)

Oh, and I don't teach English. I teach art so I think I must surprise them with this knowledge. Could it also be that the use of simpler words and acronyms that folks use when texting is helping us lose some of these words? It does make one ponder.


Abigail F Shipley said...

It was wonderful to read your blog and its good to know that you are learning new words which many of the adults dont know what it means. Keep it up and keep on updating us with new words.
Petersons SAT Prep

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks so much for popping and leaving a comment. I've actually been giving the words as prompts for sketchbook entries. It's rather fun when a student comes to me and asks, "what does it mean?" and I reply, "Look it up. If you look it up, you're more apt to remember it."