Monday, September 10, 2012

My son's a trooper

Nope, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth - yet. Just been very busy with the start of school but I'm trying to find my writing groove again. So - here's the latest update. My newest western is ready to go but I'm waiting until I have my other four previously published pieces reworked and polished for re-release. Be patient. They'll be up hopefully before Christmas. Actually, if I can get the first one polished, I'll go ahead and self publish it and the new one, Texas Forged. Of course, I just have to share the cover I came up with. My son posed! Of course, I took creative liberties in that his hair has never ever been that long.

And yes, I painted it. I'm actually pretty proud of my efforts. Would love to know what you think. Now I've got four more covers to paint.

Look for Texas Forged to come out late September or early October. I want to do one more read through before I call it ready.


MAJK said...

Nice work! Glad to know you are working to find your writing groove again. I know how it can be.

Good job on the cover, can wait to see the rest.


Ciara Gold said...

Thanks bunches, MAJK!