Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The other job

I've been remiss in posting here lately, but there's a good reason. This past week I've started back to school. Yep, I have inservice type meetings all week then the students return and my writing time will be reduced to a snagged hour here and there.

It's all good. This year I've promised myself that the students will do all the real work. We'll see how far that goes.


bethanyintexas said...

What do you teach, Ciara?

J.J. Bennett said...

Welcome to my world. This first week isn't fun. Things will calm down... Smile, take a deep breath, and know we all feel the same way.

Ciara Gold said...

Hi Bethany. I teach art and I enjoy it big time but I found out today I have 35 in my 7th period class. Ack. Way too many but we still love them all.

Hey J. J. has this been meeting week for you. What day do you go back? Best of luck with teaching this year

Linda LaRoque said...

I remember the days. 35 7th period??? Oh my. I hope it will be your best group. Sometimes the bigger classes can be.

Have a great year!

bethanyintexas said...


Wow, that's a lot of students. I'm uncoordinated when it comes to art (aside from writing). I can't draw very well, or paint, and I don't think I have the steady enough hand for photography. Don't get me started on my sewing or embroidery! LOL I hope you have fun, though. I bet you're a good teacher.