Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twitter challenged

I thought I was going to be highly twitter challenged but I think after a panic attack and 3 aspirin, I finally have it figured out. Oh yeah, I was being sarcastic about the panic attack and aspirin but twitter just isn't like other communities. So now that I understand about the micro blogging, I think I'm okay.

I even surprised myself by getting twitter to show up here. Whoop!

Of course, when things get busy, I foresee a blogging and twitter absence from myself but .... until then, I'm going to force myself to Tweet.


bethanyintexas said...

I haven't a twitter account. I mostly just go with blogging and sometimes getting on Facebook. If I did everything that was out there I don't think I'd do much else all day LOL

Linda LaRoque said...

I'm glad you found me on Twitter, Ciara. I don't go there oftren as it's so hard to keep up but one of these days I hope to do better.

J.J. Bennett said...

I just don't have time to Twitter...I started an account but haven't been back since.