Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Done DId It!!!!

Well sorta.  I made a goal for myself to finish the current wip I'm working on before the start of school. I did go back to work Friday and I didn't finish the book until Sunday, but school doesn't officially begin until Monday, Aug 23, so while it might be cheating, I'm going to pat myself on the back and say "I done did it."

97,630 words so far. Now - that's just the rough draft. The first 40,000 words are pretty well polished, but I need to do several read throughs on the back end of the manuscript before I submit. I'm still thrilled though. Wow. I've only written one other book that fast and that was A Noble Sacrifice.

Still floating a bit. Maybe my hero, Torin, will let me actually sleep tonight. He's the reason I've stayed awake plotting in my head and the reason I met my goal. I was tried of losing sleep. Ack.


Bethany said...

YAY! :-)

Have some M&M's Or some Twix Ice Cream Bars (sorry, that's the only chocolate I have in the house...oh except I think I might have a little Dreyer's Fudge Brownie in my freezer).

Ashley Barnard said...

Ah, someone else whose heroes keep them awake!

Ciara Gold said...

Ha ha, Bethany. I will most definitely celebrate with you if you have chocolate. :-) And Ashley, I hear ya! Maybe we should have a cyber slumber party with all those heroes that keep us up. Might as well.