Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom for the group

This will be my second post on thank yous to those that have touched my life and writing career. As I mentioned before, Kim got me started in a critique group whose members numbered about 8 at the time. The queen moderator who I think of as "mom for the group" was a most nurturing woman. Tam welcomed me as if she'd known me forever, but what I would thank her the most for was her patience and kindness in "teaching" me the craft.

Sure, I had great story ideas, but learning the best way for  manipulating the words to make that story shine is something that doesn't always come easier. Practice of course makes it easier now, but back then, I had a tone of writing demons to crush. I had a difficult time remembering to use active instead of passive words. And the "that" monster made an appearance every other paragraph. But Tam, patiently corrected me each time. She was also very good at brainstorming ideas and walking you through a difficult plot. Tam's not yet published, but it's not because she can't write. She has a fabulous way of stringing words together that make you feel as if you live in the story. I suspect she'll find a publisher soon. Talent like hers can't not find a home.

So, Tam, thank you for all you did for me so many years ago. I'll always think of you as my friend.

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