Friday, December 23, 2011

B is for beets

Beets are an odd vegetable root that are pretty much an aquired taste. Did you know you can make wine from beets? Not sure I want to try, but ...

So what do beets have to do with writing? Writing is like art. Readers have different tastes, different standards for appreciating an author's work. I know there are a lot of "best sellers" out there that were simply not my cup of tea. I couldn't make it past the first three chapters and yet others raved over the work.

For the author, when composing a manuscript there are many craft issues that help the piece flow better. While a lot of these craft issues definitely make or break an author's chance for success, many of them are very subjective. Like beets, some of the things are just a matter of taste.

World building is one of them. Too much description slows the pace in my opinion while not enough leaves the work flat and unappealing. But who's to say what's too much or not enough. See what I mean? Subjective.

Then there's passive versus active writing. I strive for active writing, but I've seen a lot of books make 5 star reviews that used a lot of passive construction. Again, I guess this is all a matter of taste.

In art, the most successful artists are those that know the rules of good composition, color theory and use of media, but break them with exciting results. Gotta love the rebels of the world.

So yeah, barkeep, pass me another shot of beet wine, while I ignore certain rules and embrace others. I've a book to write.


azure_boone said...

Nice job, loved this. And it's so true. But I'll def pass on that Beet Wine! Eeesh.

Ciara Gold said...

Too funny. I would like to try it just one to say I did.