Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sharing a wee bit of my Christmas

Thought I'd share my Christmas tree with you. The house smells wonderful since putting it up last weekend. We put the tree in what we call, the Buffet room. The wall behind is a painted mural I did when my son was about 3. He's 22 now. The floor is painted cement but I plan to carpet or tile it soon. The paint is old and chipped. It used to be a back porch until the previous owners walled it in and made a room out of it.

Each year, I pull out the ornaments I made when I was 16. They're almost 40 years old now and I need to some mending but all in all, they've weathered the time well. I made them from blown eggs. I cut out an opening and inserted a small picture, then beaded the outside. I had more fun doing these. The top is from a goose egg.

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