Friday, June 15, 2012

Castel Sant'Angel

Our last day in Rome, the leader of our group was to give an organ recital at one of the local churches. Previously, we had time to tour Rome on our own and my son and I became quite interested in the Castel Sant'Angel. When my mom said the recital was too late for her and she was tired of walking, my son and I decided to bow out as well. Though I really wanted to hear Benjamin play, I also really wanted to see the castle. The castle won.

So, just my son and I walked to the entrance of the castle and bought tickets. I think it was one of my favorite parts of our trip. For one, I got to spend special time with my son and two, I got to see the castle. (I love castles.)

Originally commissioned as a mausoleum for the Roman Empera Hadrian and his family around 139AD, it wasn't used as a castle until 401AD. You can see where the Romans added onto the cylindrical structure. We investigated every nook and cranny we could and walked all the way to the top for a spectacular view of Rome.

Since the castle is now a museum, they had a lot of interesting exhibits tucked away, especially items dealing with warfare. This second picture is of Rome from the palisades of the castle.

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