Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rained out in Varona

So back to my trip. We took the coach to Padova but stopped midway in Varona for a scheduled tour of the town. It was raining but not too bad. The guide met us there and suggested we be sure and wear our rain gear. All I brought was a raincoat as I'm not fond of carting umbrella's around. However, the moment we descended, the rain hit hard. We continued to walk toward the middle of town but by the time we'd gone a block, our entire group was soaked, even those with umbrellas. My shoes were completely drenched as were my jeans. Group consensus had us returning to the bus. Miserable.

So - my advice to other tourists would be to wear peddlepushers or kneeknockers and not full pants. Or roll the jeans up so the water doesn't creep up from the ground. Pack a pair of flipflops in your carry-on for when you need an extra pair of shoes. Since we were touring with a bus, we'd carry on a small bag each day with personals that we could leave on board each day. If only I'd packed extra socks. I was still soggy by the time we reached Padova.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped at a vineyard and had a sampling of wine and some parmesian cheese. Very tasty.

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