Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Writing Mode

My bad, but I'm taking a break from posting about my Italy/Switzerland trip because I'm in "writing" mode. And those of you that write know that when the urge to write hits, you better not ignore it. I'm just about finished with my current historical western wip. I've got about 40 more pages to polish and then I'm sending it to a beta reader.

I'm so excited to find this beta reader. I've got several I use but this one is new and she loves westerns. Of course, my hero isn't a cowboy and my heroine won't be moving to the farm just yet. My hero is a blacksmith which was super fun to research. My heroine is a telegraph operator. I have two antagonists, his brother and a hurricane. Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed she likes the story. I feel real good about everything except the ending which is what I'm trying to revamp right now.

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