Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hunting the Irish Wake and Don Grieve

One of the fun things my son and I did when we were in Florence is hunt for the Irish Wake that was supposed to be in full swing. Finding the place for this party took a bit of walking and as good as our guide was, he wasn't all that good at communicating directions. We took a wrong turn at first but managed to get ourselves redirected. In the process, we stopped for dinner and had another fabulous meal.

When we finally located the area for the Irish celebration, the musicians had vanished, on break but it turned into a long break so we gave up and decided to try again the next day. As it was, the celebration was a week long party and not really a "wake" as the guide had said. Either way, we were in the mood for some Irish/Scottish music. When we were in Orvieto (at least I think this is where we were), we ran across a Scottish musician, Don Grieve. He had such a beautiful, lilting voice that I was made an impulse buy and bought all three CDs. When I got home, I found only one that I really loved. The others are okay but have a lot of acapella on them. I like the guitar accompaniment best.

We never did find the Irish Party. The next night, when we returned, the band was playing anything but Irish music and there was no one sitting about listening. We headed back to the hotel and called it an early night. 

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