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Excerpt from On Timeless WIngs of Gold

I've been watching the Vikings on the History channel and really enjoying the series until it got a bit too bloody for me but it came out after I'd written On Timeless Wings of Gold and On the Silver Edge of Time. I truly enjoyed seeing their interpretation of that period of time and how it correlated to my own research of that era. Anyway, I'm feeling nostalgic and I truly loved these two books so thought I'd entertain with an excerpt.

Excerpt from On Timeless Wings of Gold, a Viking Historical Time-Travel Romance:

Torin wanted no part of this alluring mystery, but the storm brewing across Rurik’s features promised dire consequences should he refuse to accept his new responsibility. No one deserved Rurik’s wrath, not even a misplaced witch. He squared his shoulders, resigned for the time being.

Truly magnificent in her stance against Rurik, she had sparked his interest. Memories of his first days of captivity flooded his thoughts. The fear, the pain, the degradation. Aye, the lass would do well to accept her fate and not fight.

He’d turned his back, expecting her to follow. A scuffle sounded behind him, and he glanced over his shoulder.

Rurik dragged the woman toward him. Mindless of her bare feet, she dug her heels into the hard ground. Torin’s nostrils flared, and his fists itched to pound the beast for manhandling the woman. She struggled against Rurik’s hold, and he backhanded her.

“You’ve no cause for brutality, Herre Rurik.” Torin could stand no more. He stepped forward. “Release her. I’ll accept your gift.”

“No.” She fought harder.

“Hush, lass. Ye’ve given these men enough fodder for one day.”

“I just want to go home. If kidnapping is your game, I promise I’m not worth all this fuss.”

“Your prattle makes no sense. No one means you any harm.”

She raised her hand to her burning cheek. “I’m standing here in my birthday suit, surrounded by candidates for a boxing club, and...”

“I do no’ fully ken the situation, but I suspect your home doesn’t exist in this time.”

“What—what do you mean?” She dropped her hand.

Torin didn’t want to tell her she’d traveled to the past, not with so many witnesses about. He assumed she’d not accept the news with grace. Better he wait until they were alone.

“Ye’ve no other safe harbor from the elements, and the jarl has commanded you to my protection. Best do as ye’re told afore he changes his mind. Methinks ye would not survive his swift temper.” Already a purple bruise formed along her jaw line.

Behind them, the murmurings of disgruntled men grated on his ears. She’d be a fool to stay and subject herself to more of the Finn-Gaills’ welcome. Not waiting for an answer, he started down the path again. He could have hauled her over his shoulder and forced the issue, but he refused to give Rurik the satisfaction.

The crunch of small rocks and dirt alerted him to her progress. He resumed walking, knowing she followed at a discreet pace. The short distance gave him little time to contemplate his prize.

“Could you slow it down a bit?” Her voice sounded breathless. “I like exercise, but I think the excitement has worn me out, and I’m not used to going about barefooted.”

He rolled his eyes but did as requested. Afore long, the pixie came abreast. He shot her a sour glare and chose a stride that kept him a pace ahead. He’d accept the care of this strange woman, but he refused to do so graciously.

“Great. I’m saddled with a baboon.”

“Name calling will no’ secure you a place in my heart.” He continued toward his hut, refusing to acknowledge her attempts to claim some power.

“A place in your heart is not where I want to be. Home on the other hand...” Though her words held a ring of sarcasm, he detected the fear she tried to hide. His attitude softened. Having been subjected to a similar fate two years prior, he could almost sympathize.

“For whatever purpose, ye’ve been given into my keeping. I, too, am no’ happy about it, but alas, I have no say.” He inhaled a sharp breath. The salty air stirred memories. A sudden pang of homesickness clutched his insides, and he almost cried out with the senselessness of it all. He yanked open the thick slab of rawhide draped over his doorway with more force than intended. “Get inside.”

The shuffling of her feet stopped. She drew herself up and took a step back. “I won’t be manhandled by another Richard.”

He had no idea what a “richard” was, nor did he care. “I’ll no’ ask again.”

“That’s a relief.” Another step backwards put more space between them. “Ouch.” She lifted her foot and rubbed.

“Ach, ye’re right. Run. The wild beasties will take care of my dilemma.” He shrugged and ducked through the portal. Carting her inside might prove entertaining, but if she entered without force, she’d give him less grief. Aye, he’d once tamed a stray dog in much the same way. But then, the stray dog had more sense.

The wattle and daub house proved dismal compared to Jarl Erik’s laborious abode, but it kept him warm and dry at night. Rather spacious for a thrall’s quarters, Erik had gifted him with a few amenities. The jarl’s way of relieving guilt, he supposed. His interest shifted to the wide bench that served as his bed. Would they both fit? No other place would allow rest unless he arranged deer hides on the ground. Nay, that wouldn’t do either. No doubt, she’d scream at the first insect that crawled along her smooth skin.

He picked up a knotted stick and poked at the coals in the center pit. Herre Erik and Rurik thought to bind him to this land forever with this gift. No other reason made sense.

Hidden within the tangled arms of the forest, supplies and a half-built raft awaited him. Two years serving the Finn-Gaills had given Torin many opportunities to leave, but he bided his time. Having suffered the bite of Rurik’s lash after his last effort to escape, he’d make sure his next attempt would prove successful. The time for going home neared—unless the girl interfered.

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katie200 said...

Hi Ciara.

Your excerpt made me want to pull out those books again, both are amazing reads. :)

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Ciara Gold said...

Thanks big time, Katie. Torin is one of my favorite heroes.

katie200 said...

Torin was a great hero. :)