Sunday, September 27, 2015

Getting one of my older titles ready for print

When I decided to self publish my historical westerns, I did well in getting them all up on Amazon but then life interrupted me and I either got lazy or busy or maybe both. Anyway, I managed to get two of my westerns into print format but I failed to do so for the others. With a little nudging from a friend and my mother, I'm making time to finally see the deed done.

I'm happy to report that while it took me a full day to do it, I have finished the first leg with create space and I'm now awaiting an e-mail regarding Eliza's Copper Penny. While it's the third in my Western Treasures Series, it's one of my favorites so I started with this one. I'll do the second in the series next (Julia's Golden Eagle) and last but not least will be Kaitlin's Silver Lining.

So - what took all day? First, I didn't have the gutter size right and had to resize. Next, I didn't have fonts embedded. It took a while to figure out the best way to save in order for the fonts to embed correctly. I discovered that the best way was to first save, then save as Adobe PDF. Before I hit save after selecting this option, I went to Options. I clicked on PDF/A - 1a:2005 and finally managed to upload a file without errors. Thought I'd mention this in case anyone else has difficulties like I did.

The cover took a wee bit of time as well, but hopefully I got the spine dimensions correct and the bleed. I'll post here when it's actually available.


katie200 said...

Fantastic Ciara, well done for getting some of your westerns into paperback. I love your book cover.

Take care.

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks, Katie. I ordered the proof today. :-) Feels good to accomplish something that's been on the back burner for so long.

katie200 said...

Fantastic Ciara!!! It's a great feeling to accomplish something that been on the back burner Good luck with your proof... :)