Monday, September 28, 2009

Finding the magic

I'm so excited, I had to share. I reached the black moment in my newest sci-fi futuristic fantasy wip. Not only that, but I'm at 89,000 words with one more chapter to write until I type those golden words "the end."

Why did I title this entry, finding the magic? Because that's what happens during the black moment. The hero finds the magic at the risk of losing his loved one. Sigh. It was a difficult plot to write and I'm just so excited.

Okay, bath and bed. Maybe I'll sleep tonight since I didn't for thinking about the book and the characters.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life is good

Sometimes things happen and you just have to think - wow.

Our computer tech guy at school is the most interesting character and knows a lot about things you rarely think about. I'm not sure what comment I made that got him started on Tai Chi but he looked at my room and told me he needed to practice and my room was perfect. It was after school and he invited me to learn basic Tai Chi moves. I laughed and said, sure. I'd be crazy to pass up the opportunity to learn, so we took our poses and went through a series of contortions that actually felt good after all was said and done.

He made a comment that most students of Tai Chi are women because men don't have the emotional stamina to withstand failing at the complicated moves and practicing until they master them. It's a very graceful set of exercizes, but not easy to learn. Even now I only remember one of the thirty some odd moves we did today. Too fun. He said he'd come once or twice a week from now on and teach me. We'll see. I hope he does. It was a great stretching activity.

Okay, so just more info. I'll be at a book signing tomorrow in Austin. I hope the rain doesn't keep folks away.

Book signing @ Borders South Park Meadows


Saturday September 12, 2009

3:00 pm -6:00 pm

Borders South Park Meadows
9500 S. IH 35 Service Rd.,
Austin, TX