Sunday, February 9, 2014

Strange happenings in my author world

Yeah, so I've been buried in school stuff and should be working on it as we speak but I'm taking a break. My publisher sent out a query or survey regarding social media so I think - I've got a little time and I won't remember later, so I'll take the survey now. Hmm, enlightening.

First, when I do a search for my name, facebook doesn't even show. No surprise there, as I've had no time whatsoever to indulge in chatting on that site.

Amazon was a bit more puzzling. When I did a search for my name, my author page did not show. What? So - I log in and find my author page that way. It asked for any updates. I made a few changes and did a search again. My author page is not linked any more to any of my books and it doesn't show when you do a search however, it shows fine when you type in the direct link:

Not only that, but several of my books that were in print are no longer showing as available. Have I been away too long? Probably. Can't do anything about it until March, though so ...

In the meantime, I will be writing again as soon as contest season is over.