Monday, May 12, 2014

Why a note from a fan is so important

I've been in a writing slump for a while. Mainly because I've assumed more duties with my day job, but I received a note from a fan a few days ago and her words have encouraged me to try harder. I write each day even if it's only one sentence but one sentence a day won't get the book finished in a timely manner so I'm going to work harder at drafting much more a day.
She also asked some questions and I thought I'd share my answers here. First, she was interested in The Keeper of Moon Haven and if I had plans for a sequel. The Keeper is one of my all time favorites and when I drafted the story, I had plans for a whole series. A blue moon is a second full moon in one month. I wanted my story to coincide with Samhain so I chose October for the month with my blue moon. I then researched dates for occurrences of two full moons in October. For the most part, this happened every nineteen years but not always. My next plan was to have a book set in each year the blue moon happened in October. That said, I do indeed have plans for more in this series. In fact, I'm about 5000 words away from finishing the second book - Lucien's story, but I had trouble deciding how to end it so I put it aside to work on other projects.
I currently have five books in various stages of completion but I'm concentrating my efforts on two this summer.
So fans of fiction, if you really like a book, let the author know. Your kind words of encouragement might be all that's needed to help the author finish that next book.