Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Sincere Appreciation for Day Laborers

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging as much or writing as much is that my husband and I are building our first home. It's been quite the adventure. We contracted a small house that we designed. The construction team is building it to a certain stage and then we're taking over. Well, we're just about at the "taking over" spot.

Last Friday, the builder okayed us to go ahead and paint the inside. We had to paint before we can do floors and we had to have the tile in the bathroom before the plumber could wrap up his part. So - we're taking care of inside paint, contracting our own floors and cabinets and some of the other interior stuff.

Needless to say, I'm knee deep in paint. So far since Friday, I've painted the ceilings in the laundry, the kitchen, my office, the hallway, the bathroom and the back closet. I've almost finished the walls in the bathroom. I've caulked door trim and painted door trim. Hubby built shelves in the bath area that I've also painted.

I'm sore. I'm beyond tired but it's very gratifying so not going to complain - much. But I do have to say that the workforce that works at menial labor all day in the hot sun has my everlasting gratitude for the jobs they do. Our framer was amazing. Our electrician was great. The sheetrock guy did an outstanding job. The roofers did a beautiful job. The only glitch was the plumber. He was adequate but hey, that's still not a job I would want.