Saturday, August 13, 2016

So Frustrated with #Google and #Blogger right now.

This is me venting.

Google just made me so frustrated I could spit nails.  Really? What's up with blogger forcing me to get them a telephone number. I hate giving my number to anyone that I don't know and especially a huge entity like Google or Blogger. Anyone else have issues with getting into blogger?

Seriously frustrated. It took me 2 hours. Here's the scenario.

"There something wrong with the way you've logged in. We need to verify you. Please enter a telephone number so we can text."

Because I'm stubborn, I elected to punch the button that said "ask a different question" which then prompted the question on what month and what date I started my blog. Well, sorry for not remember dates for something like that. Seriously, who remembers that kind of info? So I punched the button that said I could request help from Google which then asked for the password I last remembered which I put in and then the email associated with the account. I plug that in and it says I've received a verification code to use. I check my email, use the code and plug it in only to get a message that says something like, "Nope, sorry, we can't verify it's you right now".

So then I go to Blogger help. There's no contact info anywhere for getting any serious help. Instead, it asks me the problem and gives me a few choices which includes can't get into my blog. Then leads me to a page that starts the whole process over again. I repeat the steps I did previously with the same message.

So then I go to the forum only it won't let me post my query because ------ yep, I'm not logged into Google. Oh right, I can't be verified. So why offer the option if you aren't going to allow it to work. Yep, not a happy Google/Blogger user right now.

So yeah, now Google has my number. I better not see an increase in spam calls. I get about 1 a week but that's plenty for me.

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