Sunday, August 14, 2016

#SundaySnippet from A Noble Sacrifice

Thought I'd revisit one of my older books. It's Eppie time and I won the Eppie for the 2008 Science Fiction Futuristic Romance section with this story.  A Noble Sacrifice.

“You lie.” Joyelle held the controller higher. “You’d serve your
brother’s clan before you serve mine.”

Tared didn’t understand her illogical reasoning. She didn’t want
to give him up, yet she still professed a fear of the physical side of a
relationship. Had she finally accepted Fate’s plan for them? Surely, she
didn’t expect their relationship to remain the same.

“Should you wish it, I will claim you for mate before all these
witnesses.” He nodded toward his brethren.

“No!” A panicked expression fell across her features. “You’re my
slave. Nothing more.”

It dawned on him then what motivated her reasoning. She
didn’t want to be alone. She wanted a man by her side, but one with
no sexual claim upon her body. As slave, he would be with her always,
but on her terms. His brows creased, and he took a step toward her.

“’Tis time you learned I’m more than a slave.”

“Not another step.” The controller trembled between her
fingers. She steadied it by wrapping both hands about the small box
and pointing it at his neck. “Please. I don’t want to hurt you in front of
your clan.”

He ignored her order and took another step. Perhaps it was
best he show the Verside the spark that flowed between them. In this
manner, he would make his claim. She would forgive his
highhandedness once she learned not to fear him.

“No!” She pushed the button on the controller.

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